Character slot Alcatraz 2
Alcatraz 2

The Alcatraz 2 slot machine is a free online slot with 5 drums, 9 lines and two bonus games. It features the theme of a jailbreak from the Alcatraz prison, a "wild" symbol and a risk game.

Best clubs
from 1to9
Bets per line:
from 1to25
max. 10000
Risk game:
Free spins:
Bonus games:
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The Alcatraz 2 slot machine for free without registration

The Alcatraz 2 slot machine has 5 drums, 9 lines, a "wild" symbol, a risk game and two bonus games, where you can get a good prize. The second version of the slot is devoted to the same topic – a jailbreak from the Alcatraz prison, but it has improved graphics and a renewed interface, it's also available without registration.

How to play the Alcatraz 2 slot machine online

The bet per line is regulated with the help of the "bet" button. By clicking it you will raise the bet amount by one unit, from 1 to 10 credits, or to 25 - in the free mode. The number of lines is chosen by the buttons which have numbers from 1 to 9 and the word "line". You can bet from 1 to 90 credits on a spin in this slot, and up to 225 credits if you play for free.

To start one spin of the reels, you need to press the "start" button, which is located in the right part of the control panel. To get acquainted with the rules of playing online on the Alcatraz 2 slot, you need to press the "help" button, which is located in the left part of the control panel. There you will see an instruction, which includes the table of the winning multipliers. Use the "line 1" and "line 9" buttons to move between its pages, and press the "start" button to return to the main mode. On this slot, only these combinations are considered winning, which are in the table, consist of three and more similar pictures and appear in the active line. It doesn't matter if the combination stretches from left to right of from right to left, but it should start from the outermost drums.

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Symbols and multipliers

The main picture of the Alcatraz 2 slot, which is also the "wild" symbol, is the portrait of a warder in a blue uniform, with a club behind his shoulders. This picture can replace such pictograms as the car, the barrels, the dinner, the box, the instrument and the shackles. But if you get the sequence of 3, 4, 5 portraits of this policeman, you will get multipliers 100, 250, 2 500 respectively. There is also a special symbol here – the portrait of a dangerous special prisoner in a striped robe and in fetters. Don't get afraid – if at any place of the game field three, four or five of such pictograms appear the bonus game starts.

The other pictures on the drums of this slot machine can form prize sequences of 3, 4 or 5 similar symbols. The table is opened by the picture of ball and chain shackles which gives you the multipliers of 2, 5, 20. If there appears a sequence of pictures of entrenching tools, a pick and a shovel, you get the multipliers of 5, 10, 50. The wooden box and a bundle of dynamite sticks next to it give 10, 50, 75 credits for each one bet. The picture of a prison dinner gives you the multipliers of 10, 50, 100. The raft made of empty barrels increases your bet by 20, 50, 150 times. You get the multipliers of 20, 100, 250 for the car which transports prisoners. On the top of the table there is the most valuable symbol – the view of the moonlit Alcatraz prison, a player gets multipliers of 100, 1 000, 10 000 for it.

Online slots Alcatraz 2 risk game

Risk game

After every winning combination, which appears on the slot machine, you get an invitation to risk the sum of your prize. If you press the "double" button at that moment, the risk game will begin. The dealer gives out five cards and opens the first of them, it belongs to him. At that moment, if his card is very strong, you may leave the risk game and save the obtained prize. To do it, just press the "start" button. If you decide to risk and to try your luck, press the number button under the chosen face down card. It will open and if it's more valuable than the dealer's card, your win doubles. It doesn't change if the cards are even, but if the dealer's card is more valuable, you'll lose your whole win. The right choice also gives you the right to participate in another tour, where the double bet will be used.

Online slots Alcatraz 2 bonus game

Bonus game Escape from the Alcatraz

This mode starts only if you managed to get three or more pictures of a prisoner anywhere on the reels. Your task is to take stonework to pieces in order to get to the raft, using which a prisoner will be able to escape from the Alcatraz prison. The stones can be chosen with the help of the number buttons located under them. If you choose the wrong stone, the bonus will end immediately. The right choice not only draws your protégé to the long-awaited freedom, but also brings prize credits to your account. If you manage to take out all the stones, the super bonus game will open.

Online slots Alcatraz 2 super bonus game

Super bonus game

It starts only if you win the first bonus. Here you need to choose one of the two variants in order to cross the bay and leave the island. The right choice increases your win, but the wrong try will end the super bonus and will return you to the main mode.

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