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The Gang slot machine is an online slot about the tumultuous 90-s, which you can play for free, with an unusual risk game and two bonuses – "Thief" and "Bandit".

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Free slot machine the Gang about the tumultuous 90-s

The raucous 90-s has left an imprint on souls of our people. For those, who like "rogue romantics" and Russian chanson, there is the Gang online slot. The programmers from the Unicum company have given it the non-standard risk game, the "wild" symbol and the scatter and two additional prize games.

How to play the Gang online slot machine

You can play on 1, 5, 9, 15 or 21 lines – the necessary quantity is chosen by the button with the corresponding number. The level of bet on a line is regulated by the "Bet" button, you can set from 1 to 100 credits. The "Max Bet" button not only raises the level of bet to the maximum, it also keeps the number of active lines the same and doesn’t spin the reels.

To start the Gang slot, press the "Play" button, located in the lower right part of the control panel. Next to it, there is the small button "Auto play", which starts the mode of automatic spins. There, you won't have to press the buttons and wins from combinations get to your account immediately. To read the rules, press the button "Help", it also gives an opportunity to see the paytable. The combinations, for which prize credits are allocated, must consist of sequence of similar pictures, stretching from left to right, starting from the first reel.

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The symbols and the multipliers

The "wild" symbol of the Gang slot is the "Joker" which looks like a bandit emblem. The Joker can replace all the other pictures, except for a scatter. It can even replace the special images, which give right to participate in prize games, but only if there's no chance of forming any other combination with the "wild" symbol and the other pictograms. The scatter of this slot is the roulette. Such pictures form winning combinations regardless of the position they appeared in. For 4 and 5 roulettes you get the multipliers of 10 and 30 which are multiplied by the whole sum of the bet. The "Bandit" pictogram gives right to participate in the bonus game with the same name, just like the special pictogram "Thief".

The ammo for a machine gun can form combinations only of 4 or 5 identical pictures in a sequence, yielding the multipliers of 30 and 50. All the other pictures can form combinations of 3, 4, 5 similar pictures. For the pictogram with handcuffs you're given the multipliers of 10, 20, 40; the pistol brings the multipliers of 15, 50, 100; the old-fashioned mobile phone gives the multipliers of 10, 30, 60: the police car, the legendary "bobick", - the multipliers of 20, 80, 200; the Mercedes – of 15, 50, 150. The case with cash yields the multipliers of 30, 200, 300; the prison landscape – of 50, 250, 1 000. Still, the most valuable picture is the portrait of a young local police officer which can bring 200, 2000, 10 000 credits for each credit bet.

Online slots Bratva risk game

The risk game

After any winning combination appears on the screen of the Gang slot machine, there appears the offer to increase it for free in the risk game. To start it, you need to press the "Risk" button. To decline and save the current sum, just press the button "take". You will see four thimbles in front of you. There are small balls under two of them. If you guess which ones they are and press the necessary number button on the control panel, your win will be doubled. But if you mistake – the entire prize sum will burn immediately. You can decline the risks at any time; you just need to press the button "Take".

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The "Thief" bonus game

You can take part in this game only in case four or five "thief" symbols appear in the line with your bet. You will see five buildings – an office, a beer stand, a bank, a casino and a shop. One of it has the alarm on, in the others it's switched off. Controlling your character, you have to steal all the credits from the buildings and avoid the one with the alarm.

You can choose one of the variant of the rules of this bonus – the "Rough job" or the "Professional". In the first case you will break into all the buildings one by one until you get to the one with the alarm. The collected win will be added straight to your account. In the second case you will choose the building to break into by yourself, but if you get to the alarm, the win will be taken from you. Still, you will have a possibility to take your prize any moment and refuse the further robberies. The total win depends on the bet on the line, the number of "thief" images to appear and of the choice of the rules. In the "Rough job" variant, if four thieves appear, this sum may be up to 600 credits, if five – up to 1 200, in the "Professional" variant - up to 1 000 and 2 000 credits correspondingly.

Online slots Bratva bonus game robber

The "Bandit" bonus game

It starts in case there are four or five "bandit" pictures in the active line. You're given the same number of tries as the number of this pictures on the drums. In every try, you need to choose one of murses, using the number buttons. Inside, there may be handcuffs, a bundle of dollars or a pistol. If you choose a murse with the handcuffs, your attempt burns out and you get nothing. If you are lucky to pull out the pistol, you will receive a prize, counted according to the formula. If there are 4 bandits – your bet on the line is multiplied by 100, if 5 – by 180. In case of money, there works the similar formula, but with the multipliers of 70 and 120. The bonus ends as soon as all the attempts are used.

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