Character slot Chukcha

Free Chukcha slot machine is dedicated to the indigenous community of the North - the Chukchi; and in addition to the lambent humor it features 9 lines, a risk game and two bonus games.

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from 1to25
max. 10000
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Free Chukcha slot machine

The representative of the indigenous people of the north, a Chukchi man is one of the main characters of jokes in our country. That is why Belarusian programmers have decided to perpetuate this character by creating Chukcha gaming machine. In addition to the lambent humor and "northern" theme, free Chukcha slot offers 9 lines, a risk game and two bonus games to gamblers.

How to play Chukcha slot online

Start with setting the level of a bet per line in the range from 1 to 25 credits. This can be done using the button "bet one". Press it until the desired figure is shown at the upper left part of the screen. Then you should choose the number of active lines for the game. To make your choice, press the button with the desirable number of 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9. The selected lines will be highlighted on the screen of the slot machine and the specified amount of credits will be bet on each of them. If you play for free, the online machine presents you with 1 000 credits. The maximum number of credits that can be deducted from your account for one spin makes 225, and the maximum amount that can be obtained as a prize makes 125 000.

You can check all rules of the free online slot Chukcha using special tables shown upon pressing the "info" button. To start the reels, you have to press the "start" button. Winning combinations are counted from left to right and rewards from the combinations in different lines are added together.

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Symbols and multipliers

The pictures used in Chukcha slot machine reflect the subtle sense of humor of its developers. All pictures can make winning combinations of only 3, 4 or five identical images in a row. The least valuable symbol of the game is an image of a Shaman's drum which has multipliers of 2, 5, 10. The second in value is a Chukchi fur jacket having multipliers of 5, 10, 20. A funny dog brings a little more – the multipliers of 5, 10, 50. For a walrus 10, 20 and 50 credits are given for each credit bet. A grim owl is more valuable – it provides multipliers of 10, 20, 100. A polar bear on an ice cake gives the multipliers of 20, 50, 100. A reindeer brings 20, 100, 200 credits for a credit you bet and a portrait of a running northerner – 100, 500, 2 500 credits. The most desirable is a picture labeled with the name of the game - "Chukcha", since your bet will be multiplied by 100, 1 000 or even 10 000 for a combination with it.

Also the table features a portrait of a geologist who is an old friend of the Chukchi man. You win if three or more portraits appear regardless of their place on the reels. And three or more special symbols - a portrait of a smiling Chukchi man - trigger a bonus game.

Online slots Chukcha risk game


Any combination you get on active lines of Chukcha slot machine entitles you to a free risk game where you can double the win. To agree to the risk game, press the "double" button. You need to choose one of the four hidden cards. If it is higher than the dealer's one, the gambler’s win is doubled. If it is equal to the dealer's card, the win amount remains the same. And if it is lower, the win is zeroed and the game is over. An equal or a higher card entitles the gambler to another risk game.

Online slots Chukcha bonus game

Bonus game with a Chuckchi man

If more than three portraits of the Chukchi man on the screen, regardless of their position, the bonus game starts immediately. In the bonus game, there are five holes in ice in front of the Chukchi man. Use numeric keys to choose which of them the Chukchi man should cast the line into. If he pulls a fish out of the hole, you’ll get credits on your account; if he pulls a Shaman’s drum, a super game will start, and if an angry white bear comes out the hole, the game will be over, but the credits received in it will remain unchanged.

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Super bonus game

A drum coming out of a hole in ice should not surprise you since this starts a super game. The developers of the gaming machine have called it "make the right choice or die." Your protégé has to choose between two Chukchi totems, but you should not be afraid as in the worst case scenario the game just ends.

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