Character slot Evolution

Evolution is a slot machine demonstrating the theory of evolution clearly and featuring 25 lines, a "wild" symbol and free games with a special "Evolution" mode.

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from 1to25
Bets per line:
from 1to10
max. 500
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Net Entertainment
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Evolution slot machine for free

On Evolution slot machine NetEntertainment has reconstructed Darwin’s theory of evolution. Here the transformation of protozoa to complex life forms is clearly illustrated. In addition to funny and interesting animation here you’ll find a fascinating gameplay with 25 lines and free games with a special "Evolution" mode allowing you to increase the chances of great wins. By the way, five reels of this online slot spin in an unusual manner: not downwards but upwards.

How to play Evolution slot machine

The value of a coin in credits is set by the buttons located under the corresponding inscription. The range is very wide - you can set it from 0.01 credits and up to 10 credits in one coin. The number of bet lines is fixed at 25 and a gambler cannot change this number. You can only change the number of coins wagered on each line, ranging from 1 to 10, using the buttons under the "Bet Level" label.

After pressing the round button in the center of the control panel the slot makes one spin at the selected bet level. If you are not going to increase or decrease the amount of virtual currency on the lines, use the "autoplay" button. It runs the mode of continuous spins on Evolution slot machine. Since there is no risk-game on the slot, this mode allows you to relax and enjoy the process. The "Max Bet" button starts one spin with the highest possible bet. In the lower left corner of the screen there are service keys with the help of which you can adjust graphics and sound settings. To bring a win, a combination has to start from the very first reel and run from the left to the right. By clicking on any image on the screen you can find out the multipliers for combinations made by the image. And using the "Pay Table" button you can learn all the winning multipliers and rules of the online slot in detail.

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Symbols of bacteria and animals

Service images are made in a very simple way on this slot, in the form of corresponding inscriptions stylized according to the theme of the slot. The wild symbol is the word "wild" that can appear only on the reels 2, 3, 4 or 5 counting from left to right. It substitutes any images except for the symbol starting free games. To use this function, press the image labeled "Free Spin", which can also make winning combinations. For 2, 3, 4 or 5 of these images in a line you can get the multipliers of 2, 4, 20 or 100: the total amount of bet a gambler wagered on 25 lines is multiplied by these multipliers.

Each icon of Evolution slot has its own name and they can make combinations of only 3, 4, 5 identical symbols. The classic card characters like "10", "J", "Q", "K" and "A" are depicted as bacteria. The first of them, "Primoblobulus", yields the multipliers of 2, 10, 40. The next, "Blobulusastrum", brings the multipliers of 3, 12, 50. The following is "Jellocusfinnum" giving the multipliers of 4, 15, 60. The next stage of development is "Jellocussquidae" bringing the multipliers of 5, 20, 80. The final stage of development at the level of bacteria is "Crustaciospringum" that gives the multipliers of 10, 25, 100. The rest of the images look similar to the modern animals. They are named as follows and bring the following multipliers: "Albusslugus" gives the multipliers of 12, 50, 150, "Bestia dentum" has the multipliers of 15, 60, 175. The green monster of "Basiliskhairicus" brings the multipliers of 20, 75, 200, the creature which looks like a hare and is called "Basiliskpluma" has the multipliers of 25, 100, 250. And you can get the highest multipliers of 50, 150, 500 for a squirrel with wings of a fly called "Draconiusrex".

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Free games and a special "Evolution" mode

Free games at the latest bet start after three or more images with the words "Free Spin" appear in any order anywhere on the screen of Evolution slot machine. You can get 10 free spins for three of these images, 15 spins for four of them and 20 free spins for five images. During these spins a special "Evolution" function is activated. This means that as soon as you hit any winning combination, all the images in it and all such symbols on the playing field undergo a process of evolution. They turn to the next icon in the table according to the size of the multiplier, but only within its evolutionary group. The "wild" symbols don’t evolve. In such a way the variety of pictures on the reels are gradually reduced due to the evolution of "cheap" images and the chances for getting a good combination increase.

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