Character slot Juicy Fruits
Juicy Fruits

The Juicy Fruits slot machine, which you can play for free, is devoted to rich fruits. It has a risk game and a captivating bonus game.

Best clubs
from 1to9
Bets per line:
from 1to25
max. 5000
Risk game:
Free spins:
Bonus games:
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The Juicy Fruit slot machine for free

A cocktail made of the juicy fruits with ice is the best remedy against the summer heat. And the best remedy against boredom is the bright slot machine Juicy Fruits, created by the Russian company Igrosoft. The intensive game on five drums with a "wild" symbol, a risk game and a fascinating bonus game (where you can get a very big prize) is waiting for you.

How to play the Juicy Fruits online slot machine

Before the game, choose the number of lines and set the level of your bet. The minimal bet is 1 credit, the maximum bet is 25; press the "bet" button until you get the desired value. Remember, that if you play for free, there will be 1 000 credits on your account. The lines are picked by the buttons with numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and the "line" inscription. The more lines you activate, the more chances you get to win. The maximum possible bet is 225 credits, the biggest possible win is 125 000 credits.

Now you may start the slot machine by pressing the "start" button. In case the winning combination appears, the pleasant music will start to play and you will be offered to play the risk game. To read the rules of the online slot and to study the table of winning coefficients, press the "help" button. Only those combinations are considered winning, which appeared in the active line, are marked in this table and consist of not less than three similar consecutive pictures. The first of them must be located on the outermost drum.

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The fruit symbols of the slot

The main pictogram of this slot is a picture of a fruit cocktail, made in a pineapple half. This picture plays the role of a "wild" symbol, replacing the pictures of lemon, apricot, cherry, apple, pineapple and watermelon in combinations. If three, four or five of these pictograms line up, there will appear a combination, which will bring you the multipliers of 100, 500, 2000. There is also a special symbol in this slot, the red strawberry. If there appear more than two of such pictures, the gamer gets the "Juicy fruits" bonus.

The combination on this slot machine are formed only of 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols in a row. The scarlet cherries on a branch bring 2, 3, 10 credits for each bet, the orange apricots with a kernel - 3, 5, 20; the happy smiling lemon - 5, 10, 50 credits; and the red ripe apple - 10, 30, 100 credits for each one bet. You get multipliers like 20, 50, 200 for the sequence of pineapples. The green watermelon with a strange smile yields the multipliers 30, 100, 500. The most valuable is a stylized name of the game "Juicy Fruits" - you can get the multipliers of 200, 1 000, 5 000 for it.

Online slots Juicy Fruits risk game

The risk game

The gambler gets an offer to increase a win in the risk game after each winning combination. To accept it, you need to press the "double" button once, to decline – the "start" button. The idea of it is simple. There are four cards with their backs up, and you need to choose one of them. If it happens to have higher value than the dealer's card, which has already been opened, it means you win. In this case the prize sum will be doubled and you will get a chance to risk one more time. If the cads are even, your prize sum won't change. In case the dealer's card is stronger, you'll lose the win and will have to return to the main mode.

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  • Online slots Juicy Fruits bonus game

The "Juicy fruits" bonus

To get access to it, you need to collect not less than three red strawberries at any place of the game field. After that, the drums will disappear from the screen of the slot, and a track of fruits will appear on the perimeter of it, together with three windows in the centre. The red frame will travel on this track. When it stops, notice the symbol where it did. If it is the window in the centre of the screen, your bet will be increased by the corresponding winning coefficient and a number of active lines. The following multipliers work here. The cherry brings 2, the apricot - 5, the lemon - 10, the apple - 20, the pineapple - 50, the watermelon - 70 and the name of the game "Juicy Fruits" – 100. If the frame stops at the corner of the track, on the "exit" inscription, one round will be finished. The number of rounds depends on the number of the strawberries you got before the bonus started. Three strawberries give a right for one round, four – for 2, and five – for 3 rounds.

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