Character slot Junky Box
Junky Box

The Junky Box slot machines have 9 lines, 5 drums, a "wild" symbol, a risk game and two bonus games - "Boxes" and "Locks".

Best clubs
from 1to9
Bets per line:
from 1to25
max. 5000
Risk game:
Free spins:
Bonus games:
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The Junky Box slot machine

Every man has his own treasure chest – it's a box with tools, which is stored in a garage or in a car trunk. The programmers from the Igrosoft company, the major producer of slots in Russia, are well aware of the existence of such treasure. They have created the Junky Box slot machine with 9 lines, 5 drums, a "wild" symbol, a risk game and two bonus games - "Boxes" and "Locks".

How to play the Junky Box online slot machine

The number of lines to play on is chosen using the buttons with numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. The same sum is put on each line, it ranges between 1 to 25 credits. This parameter is regulated by the "bet" button. The minimal total sum of bet is 1, the maximum possible bet is 225 credits. If you choose the free mode of playing, you'll get 1000 credits on your account and the maximum possible sum of the win will be 155 000 credits.

The game on the Junky Box slot machine is started by pressing the "start" button, which is located in the right lower corner. There will be one spin and, if the winning combination appears, you will be notified by pleasant music and you will get an offer to double. You can read the rules of the slot using the "help" button. You will see the full table of all the winning coefficients. The pages of this menu are scrolled with the help of the buttons "line 1" and "line 9". For a sequence to bring you a prize, it has to appear in the active line, to consist of not less than three similar pictograms and to be noted in the table. The first of it has to be located on the outermost drum from the left or from the right side.

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The symbols and the multipliers

The main picture of the Junky Box slot machine is the car keys. They play the role of a "wild" symbol, replacing the other pictures – the fire-extinguisher, the pump, the accumulator, the canister and the plug in combinations. If 3, 4 or 5 such keys get in a row, you'll get the multipliers of 50, 200, 1 000. Two other special symbols work like scatters, they give a right to take part in the bonus games no matter in which part of the game field they have appeared. If you collect three or more wooden boxes, you will get to the "Boxes" bonus, and if three or more pictures of a padlock with a golden key in it appear on the screen, you will take part in the "Locks" bonus.

On this slot the combinations are formed only of 5, 4 or 3 identical pictures in a row. The least valuable pictogram is a car plug – you get the multipliers of 2, 3, 10 for it. The next is the green canister with engine oil, you get the multipliers of 3, 5, 20 for it. The battery pack will bring 5, 10, 50 credits for each one bet to the gambler. For a manual car pump, you can get the multipliers of 10, 20, 100. The red fire extinguisher will give you 20, 50, 200 credits for each one bet. The most valuable picture is a pictogram with a car rudder with the inscription "Junky Box" - it brings multipliers like 100, 500, 5000.

Online slots Junky Box risk game

The risk game

No matter how big is the win from the combination of similar pictograms, it can be increased in the risk game. To enter this mode, press the "double" button after any prize combination appears. Five cards will appear in front of you, the first one will be opened - this is a dealer's card, all the others will be closed. Using the number buttons, choose one of the closed cards. If it happens to be higher than the dealer's one, your win will be doubled and you will be able to continue the risk game. If they are equal, your prize will remain the same, if it's lower - your prize will be annulled. You have a possibility to decline the risk at any moment, before the card hasn't been chosen, by pressing the "start" button.

Online slots Junky Box bonus game open boxes

The "Boxes" bonus game

To start this bonus, you need to collect not less than three pictograms with a wooden box simultaneously on the drums of the slot. Five boxes will appear in front of you, and you will need to open them. There can be a first aid kit, for which you get a prize - a certain sum of credits. There can also be an instrument, in this case on field on the indicator will fill. When all the fields are full, your win will be increased 2, 3 or 4 times, depending on the type of the instrument – an electrical drill, pliers or a hacksaw accordingly. The bonus ends if you pull out the fig sign on a spring.

Online slots Junky Box bonus game open locks

The "Locks" bonus game

This bonus opens in case you collect at the drums not less than three pictograms of a garage padlock with a golden key. The garage doors under five locks will appear in front of you. Open them, using the number buttons. If you manage to open all five, you will get a Super Prize. To use the super key, which fits every lock, press the "start" button.

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