Slot machines by Microgaming

Microgaming established its first online casino back in 1994. Since then the British company created hundreds of various slot machines both for virtual and real gambling halls. The company is not afraid to experiment by altering classic slot rules and inventing completely new games with original graphics and interesting rules. Programmers create almost photo-realistic graphics; musical arrangement also meets the highest standards – slot machines very rarely use «tracker» music, but often use the sound of mechanical reels while spinning.

Favorite themes of Microgaming slot machines feature plots of Hollywood blockbusters about superheroes, secret agents or adventurers. For example, Hellboy features a devilkin in service of the American law enforcement agencies. Its reels display portraits of main characters of the movie and play the movie’s theme. But Germinator is considered to be the most original slot machine and it features destruction of bacteria. Its name hints to the subtle humor of the British – it plays with the name of the company’s rival. Rules of the game are very uncommon, as the reels spin horizontally and not vertically, while the combinations are read both vertically and horizontally.

But most of the slots by Microgaming do follow the classic rules - lines are formed on five reels starting from the leftmost reel and to the right. The number of lines to bet on usually amounts to twenty. The bet amount, in most cases, is not very high - it can even be limited to 10 credits. The controls are also simple - each function has its own button. In some slots you may find risk games and additional games with high-quality graphics, addictive plot and big wins, as well as free spins made at the latest player's bet.

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