Character slot Resident 2
Resident 2

The Resident 2 slot machine is a free online slot about the adventures of a resident, safes, Kat the radio operator which features two bonus games a risk game, a "wild" symbol, 9 lines and 5 reels.

Best clubs
from 1to9
Bets per line:
from 1to25
max. 5000
Risk game:
Free spins:
Bonus games:
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Slot machines Resident 2 for free

The adventures of the KGB resident behind enemy lines continue – the new slot machine Resident 2 remains as good as its predecessor. The safes, Kat the radio operator, 9 lines, 5 drums, the "wild" symbol and, of course, the possibility to increase a win in the bonus games and the risk game are waiting for you.

How to play the Resident 2 slot machine online

Like in the other slot machines of the Igrosoft company, in this slot you can choose any uneven number of lines, ranging from 1 to 9. The necessary number is chosen by the button with a corresponding number and the "line" inscription. The sum of a bet on every chosen line is regulated by the "bet" button. It ranges between 1 and 25 credits, i.e. the maximum bet is 225 units of the game currency. The maximum possible win in the main mode is 67 500 credits, it can be received for just one spin.

To start the Resident online slot, you need to press the "start" button. If you play for free, 1 000 credits will be on your account before the first spin of the reels. To look at the paytable and learn the other rules of the slot, use the "help" button, which is located at the bottom left corner of the control panel. The rules occupy several pages. To switch between them, use the buttons "line 1" and "line 9". You can get a prize only for the combinations of similar pictograms, which are mentioned in this table, which start from the outermost reels and have appeared in the line which has a bet on it.

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The symbols and the multipliers

The role of a "wild" symbol in the Resident 2 online slot is given to the red fire extinguisher. It can replace the following pictures in combinations – the pistol, the gas mask, the book, the medal, the shotgun and the shoulder loops. If this symbol forms combinations of 3, 4 or 5 identical pictures itself, it brings multipliers like 100, 500, 2 000. The role of a special symbol, which starts the bonus game – the real spy thriller, is given to the picture of a steel safe. You need to collect not less than three such pictures to open the bonus, no matter where and on which drums they have appeared.

The prize combinations on this slot must consist of 3, 4, 5 similar pictures in a line. The first in the table is a picture of the automatic gun which brings multipliers of 2, 3, 10. Then comes the pictogram with a Soviet gas mask, it brings multipliers of 3, 5, 20. Next is the book of codes and ciphers, without which no spy film can exist, it brings coefficients like 5, 10, 50. For the golden medal of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the gambler receives 10, 30, 100 credits for each one bet. The green Maxim gun gives 20, 50, 200 credits, the shoulder loops of the Colonel General are paid even better – 30, 100, 500 credits for each credit bet. The top of the table is the secret medal, which is given to the resident – it has his portrait on it and gives multipliers of 200, 1 000, 5 000.

Online slots Resident 2 risk game

The risk game

To increase the win from the received combination, you need to confirm your participation in the risk game. To do it, press the "double" button once. To double your win in the risk mode, you need to open the card which will be higher than the dealer's. In case it's lower than the dealer's one, your win will burn out. The equality of cards gives nothing and takes nothing. Is your card is stronger, you will double your prize and will get an opportunity to risk once more.

Online slots Resident 2 bonus game

The Safes bonus game and the secret of walkthrough

It is given in case not less than three pictures with a steel safe pictogram appear simultaneously at any spot of the slot reels. You will see a resident and four such safes. Using the number buttons, you will have to open them one by one. In case there is a book, cognac or other pleasant things inside, you will get prize credits. If you're not lucky and there is a bomb in the safe, the bonus will stop. The only chance to put it out is to have a gas mask, and for this you need to play at a high rate. The successful opening of all four safes gives you the right to play the super bonus game.

Online slots Resident 2 super bonus game

The super bonus game

It starts only if you have opened all the safes in the previous bonus. Here, you will have to choose between two doors with a code lock. If the charming radio operator Kat is hiding behind the opened door, you will receive a considerable sum to your account. In other case, the super bonus will stop.

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