The Hellboy slot machine for free

The slot machine Hellboy, themed on the film and the comics with the same name, features 20 lines, free games in the Super mode and the "Underworld" bonus.

It is the Hellboy movie, themed on the comics with the same name, which has inspired the programmers from the Microgaming company to create the Hellboy slot machine. Familiar characters, the "wild" symbol and the scatter, the risk game, free spins in the Super mode and the "Underworld" bonus are waiting for the hazard lovers. All this will take place at 5 reels and 20 lines with cartoonish graphics.

Using the little buttons "plus" and "minus", located in the left part of the control panel, you can set the coin rate, which will be used in this slot. The minimum value is 0,01 and the maximum – 0,25 credits. The next step is to choose the number of lines on which you will play for free. You can choose between 1 and 20. To choose, press the "lines" button until the necessary number appears in the window over it. The number of coins, which will be set on each of them, is chosen by the button "coins". It ranges from 1 to 10. The bet will be counted according to the following formula – the number of lines multiplied by the number of coins and the coin rate. This way, if you set the maximum values, only 50 credits will be written off your account for one spin. To make the counting of the bet sum easier, use the second button from the bottom in the lower-left corner. It has the inscription "demo coins/demo credits" on it and it is used to switch credits to coins and vice versa.

The slot is started by pressing the button "spin" or "set max" (if you prefer to play at high rates). To get acquainted with the table of wins and the rules of the Hellboy online slot, use the button "win display". The same button immediately returns you to the main menu. To turn over the pages with the rules, use the arrow buttons, which appear over it. You can see the multipliers given for a combination of the certain pictures by pressing that picture on the game field. The sound of the slot is switched off by the little button, which is located in the top right corner. Combinations are considered winning only if they appear in the active line, stretch from left to right, start at the reel №1 and are included to the coefficients table.

The symbols and the multipliers

The main and the most valuable symbol of the Hellboy slot machine is the name itself. It brings the multipliers of 100, 1 000, 10 000 for 3, 4, and 5 similar pictures correspondingly. Moreover, the "Hellboy" symbol is also "wild", it replaces all the over pictures (except for scatter) and doubles the wins for such combinations. The Hellboy's hand is used as a scatter. For 2, 3, 4, 5 such pictures on the screen you will get the multipliers of 2, 4, 25, 500, which are multiplied not only by your whole bet. For 3, 4, 5 such pictograms you also get the right to play the "Underworld" bonus.

All the other pictures can form winning sequences of 3, 4 or 5 similar pictures only. The number "10" brings the multipliers of 5, 10, 80, the letter "J" – of 5, 12, 90. For the letter "Q" you receive the multipliers of 6, 15, 100, for the letter "K" – of 8, 20, 125. The letter "A" will bring the multipliers of 10, 25, 150. For the portrait of a silver-haired scientist, the player will get the multipliers of 15, 40, 500. The Hellboy's mate in special armour gives the multipliers of 20, 60, 750. For the strange grey creature with green eyes without pupils you get paid 30, 100, 1 000 credits for each one bet. The girl, who summons fire, brings the multipliers of 40, 200, 2 000. For the portrait of Hellboy himself you receive the multipliers of 50, 500, 5 000.

The hazardous risk gam

After the winning combination appears and you get a prize sum, you are able to try enlarging it by playing the hazardous risk game. It's done by pressing the button "play". In this mode, you can choose either to guess the colour of the face-down card's suit or the suit itself. In the first variant, the rate of increase is 2, in the second - 4. If you guess, the sum will be multiplied by the corresponding coefficient and you will be offered to risk once more. If you are wrong, all the prize will born out.

Free games in the Supermode

The Supermode is started randomly, it gives the right of 10 free spins, made according to the latest bet. In this mode, three positions will be chosen randomly, one by one, and the "wild" symbols will be set on them up to the end of the games. This mode can't be restarted.

The "Underworld" bonus with the participation of Hellboy

This bonus is received for three, four or five scatter symbols (in form of the Hellboy's red arm, raised up), which have arrived simultaneously at any place of the game field. In it, you control the main character, who has to find the artifacts, guarded by the supernatural forces. In fact, it is a full-value game, where you need to free the members of your team, avoiding the dead-ended tunnels, which stop the game. There are 4 levels here, for each achievement you get additional coins. The biggest prize awaits the one, who will be able to get the final, most important artifact.