Free slot machine Gold of the Party

The free slot machine Gold of the Party about the epoch of the USSR has 21 lines, two prize games and a one-of-a-kind risk game.

The Communist party has left the descendants a lot of the symbols of the epoch – the Moscow Olympiad, the Satellite, the 8th of March and the 1st of May. It is said that it has left its gold too, and it can be won at the slot machine, which is called the same – Gold of the Party. Here you can see 21 lines on the reels, two prize games, the "wild" symbol and the exceptional risk game.

How to play the Gold of the Party slot machine online

In this slot, you have access to 21 lines. The necessary number of lines is chosen by the number buttons, you can choose 1, 5, 9, 15 or 21 lines. Then, you need to choose the level of bet, ranging between 1 and 100 credits. The button "Bet" is used to determine the level of bet, it increases the sum step-by-step. You can set the maximum possible sum by pressing the button "Max Bet", but it doesn't change the number of activated lines. The free game is started with 1 000 credits and the maximum bet in the Gold of the Party online slot is 2 100 credits. Play, and you will be able to maximize the bet. It won't be hard to handle the control panel of this slot, because all the inscriptions are in English.

The slot is started by the button "Play". After you press it, there will be one spin and, if one of the winning combination appears, you will be offered to risk and to increase the prize it has brought you. If you prefer to play for a long time without changing the parameters, use the button "Auto Play". To read the rules which are written in Russian as well, press the "Help" button. You can switch off the sound, which, at this slot, consists of the most well-known hits of the soviet period, by using the little button with a loudspeaker, which is located at the top right corner. The prizes are allocated only for the combinations of similar symbols, which are described in the table of the winning multipliers, which have appeared in the activated line and start from the leftmost drum, stretching from left to right.

The symbols and the multipliers

In this slot, the "wild" symbol is called a Joker. It has the golden picture of Lenin against the red flag, just like the badge of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League member. It can replace any other pictures in combinations, except for the USSR coat of arms. The next special symbols, if in combinations, start the prize games. The picture with the soviet banknotes starts the "Envelope" bonus, the Globe with a space vehicle flying near it - the "Satellite" bonus.

The following pictures can form winning combinations only of 3, 4 or 5 pictures in a row. The tear-off calendar gives coefficients 15, 30, 50. For the black-white calendar with a miner you can get the multipliers of 10, 20, 40. "The people's car" - Zaporozhets gives the multipliers of 15, 30, 50. When the pictures with a red harvester appear, the coefficients are 20, 50, 100. The daily newspaper "Pravda" has the multipliers of 50, 200, 300. The quality mark, which in the USSR was assigned to the most sought-after products, has the multipliers of 50, 100, 200. The other pictures can form sequences of 2, 3, 4, 5 identical pictograms. The Aurora cruiser, the shot of which lead off the USSR, is paid by the multipliers of 10, 50, 200, 1917. The logotype of the Moscow Olympiad of the year 1980 brings 10, 100, 500, 1 000 credits for each one bet. The view of the Moscow Red Square brings the multipliers of 20, 200, 1 000, 2 000. The main symbol of the Gold of the Party slot is the coat of arms of the USSR, it brings the biggest wins - 30, 500, 3 000, 10 000 credits for each one bet.

The risk game

The doubling game in the slot is very unusual. You get an offer to participate in it every time then the prize combination is formed on the reels. You are proposed to risk the sum of this win. To confirm your consent, use the button "Risk", to decline - the button "Take". You will see the clock of the Kremlin Spassky tower, its face is divided into red and blue areas. This clock works as a roulette, the long arrow spins and the area it stops on is considered winning. You need to guess what colour it will be. In case your answer is right, your win will be doubled, in case of the wrong answer it all will burn up.

The "Envelope" bonus game

This bonus is given for three or more pictures of soviet banknotes, which have appeared in the active line of the Gold of the Party slot machine. You will see a table with 4 envelopes on it. You need to open them. If there are banknotes inside, the prize credits will be written to your account. The sum of prize depends on the number of an envelope, your bet on the line and a number of the banknote pictures which have appeared. If you bet one credit, the maximum win in this bonus will be 120, 180, 240 correspondingly for 3, 4, 5 such pictures. If you play at higher rates, just multiply your bet by these numbers to get the sum of the maximum possible bet. The envelopes under the numbers 2 and 4 are empty more rarely, but they always contain smaller sums. On the contrary, the envelopes with numbers 1 and 3 are empty more often, but they may contain big sums.

The "Satellite" bonus game

This bonus starts in case more than three pictures of a satellite in space appear in the active line of the slot Gold of the Party. You need to guess to which planet the next space expedition will go. If it goes well, and the space vehicle sets a red banner on the planet, you will receive a prize. The size of this prize depends on the number of pictures with a satellite, the distance between the Earth and the chosen planet and the sum of a bet which you've put on line before getting the bonus. Choose between the Moon, the Mars, the Venus and the Saturn. The farther the planet is situated, the harder it is to get to it, but the bigger the prize will be in case of the fortunate outcome. The number of tries also depends on the number of satellites which have appeared. If the bet is a minimal of 1 credit, the maximum win in this bonus will be of 250, 1 500, 3 000 credits, with 3, 4, 5 pictures of a satellite. If your bet is higher, multiply it by these numbers.