Play Keks slot machines online for free

Slot machine Keks features the story of a fairy tale character Kolobok, risk games and two bonus games, one about the cake and the other about the stove.

Adventures of Kolobok, that left its grandpa and its grandma, so familiar to anyone from childhood, are the theme of the free slot machines Keks with risk-game and two bonus games. A black cat and Russian stove, good-hearted grandmother and even an evil gray wolf – you will find all these characters in the Keks slot machines.

Keks slot machines are equipped with five rotating reels, each with the images of fairy tale characters and household items. To start the game, choose your bet amount and a number of lines from 1 to 9 to bet on. The minimum bet per line is 1 credit, and the maximum is 25 credits; you can change your bet by pressing the “bet” button. If you play a free game, your account will be topped up with 1,000 credits you can use to play. Next, press the “start” button and begin the exciting game. Winning combinations are read both from left to right and right to left starting with the side reels. Three consecutive identical symbols will multiply your bet by the multiplier which can be viewed by pressing the “help” button. Help window will also provide you with the detailed rules of playing the slot.

Symbols and multipliers

The Black Cat is the most valuable symbol in these slots. Three Black Cats in the active line will multiply your bet by 200, four cats – by 1000, and five cats – by 5000. The Kolobok, another "wild" symbol which replaces any of the symbols, except for the Black Cat and stoves, will multiply your bet by 100, 500 or 2000. 3, 4 and 5 rolling pins and dough in a row in the active line will multiply your bet by 2, 3 or 10, respectively. The accordion multiplies a bet by 3, 5 or 20, bagels – by 5, 10 or 50, balalaykas – by 10, 30 or100, samovars – by 20, 50 or 200, pots – by 30, 100 or 500. Three or more images of the Russian stove will let you access the bonus game.

Risk game

Each time Keks slot machines display a winning combination, you can play the risk game for free by pressing the “double” button. The rules are as follows. After the dealer deals five cards and opens the first one of them, you need to choose and open one of the remaining four. If your card is higher than the dealer’s card, your winning is doubled; if the cards are equal in value, your winning remains the same; if it is lower, the bonus game stops. The online slot machine Panther Moon has a different risk game scenario - you get to guess the color of the suit of the playing card, while the basic rule of this mode remains the same - every correct answer doubles the winning.

Stoves bonus game

The stoves bonus game is launched on online Keks slot machine if you get three or more images of the stove in a combination. In the bonus game, the player sees a grandmother standing next to five identical stoves. The player must choose the order in which you want to open these stoves to get the meal out or find Kolobok without suffocating with the smoke. You get a prize for each meal from the oven equal to your bet. Whenever smoke appears, the game stops. On the contrary, when playing the Crazy Monkey slot you can make one mistake, but to make it without losing you need to know the secret of the slot.

Super bonus game

If you manage to find Kolobok or unlock all five stoves in the previous game, on top of your winnings you will be offered to play the super bonus game. When playing it, you will need to determine in which of the two bushes our Keks is hidden. If successful, you will receive a prize - from 50 to 500 full bets. Just beware of the wolf, finding the wolf stops the super bonus game.